*This list of options was provided by Mickey Ziomkowski when he started the Rebel Machine Registry in the early 90s. No one has ever found fault with the information posted here although in the intervening years, Mickey has forgotten where the information was pulled from.


I'm developing a long, long overdue decal kit for Group 19 Service Package optioned Machines. Above are the first two. The images are faithful to the illustration on the Jo-han plastic model kit as closely as possible. There never was a Group 19 decal but there should have been.  These decals as illustrated still have the pre-mask in place so the colours are muted compared to what they will look like installed. Other elements on the way are the flag logo, the AMERICAN MOTORS text, the ENGINEER by AMC/HURST decal and a MODE III decal.

The other exciting one is what is being developed to fit on sets of finned aluminum valve covers. The trick is to get them to work with our spark plug wire looms that fit over the L tabs on the valve covers. If that doesn't work I'll have to think of something else. All this is being done between tons of other stuff I'm working on too. 

THE MACHINE DECAL LOOKS KIND OF SHABBY BUT THAT AGAIN IS THE PREMASK. This is not a reflective one, this is to fit on trailers along with the AMC flag and lettering.

So lots going on and lots to look forward to. It's great to be a Rebel Machine owner and pretty soon will be even better.