Shipping is by courier, ground unless otherwise arranged.

Other shipping options include: bus, air and mail. 

Shipping is always extra.

Insurance is extra.

Duty is extra and is a hit and miss thing. Sometimes it's charged, most times not. I have no control over that.


Price per kit is $875.00 US per kit*

Multiple kits are $825.00 US per kit

If applicable, taxes are extra.

Your stripes will be shipped in a thick walled sono tube capped at each end. Inside the tube your kit will be sealed in plastic.

Open the tube when you receive it to ensure that it hasn't been damaged in shipping. Make sure you don't damage it yourself.

Repack and reseal the kit in the plastic and store it that way, rolling the stripes so that the stripes face out. This will help keep the stripes from drying out. So far in 20 years I've never heard of any drying out. But reseal them anyway. Those of you who have stripes stored flat should do this too. Make sure you have the right sized bag before you start so you don't disturb the backing paper. It's an idea I had recently and given the fact that so many people store their stripes for extended periods of time I think it's worth doing. 

If the tube is mangled or otherwise damaged when you get it; don't open it until you are in the presence of whoever delivered it. Then open it and record what you find with your cell phone video or still shots. Contact me and I'll start the insurance claim. So far there's only had one claim and it was settled quickly. 

If you're local, your kit might be shipped by mail or bus, your preference. Shipping by air is also a possibility but no one has considered this worth the expense yet.

Leave the kit sealed in the plastic until it's time to put on the car. 

When it's time to install, lay the kit out on a flat, clean surface and flatten it out. Give the backing paper time to relax flat. It will be easier to work with that way.

Make sure you read the instructions I send with every kit. Even if you're a professional installer. I promise there will be important things you need to know. 

As the kit goes on your car, you'll soon find you're wearing the biggest smile you've ever had in your life.

Canadian Customers can pay by cash or E-transfer but the full amount still has to be paid up front. If you haven't used it, E-transfer is the fastest way in the world to transfer money. It only takes a few seconds and is free.

* My price is substantially higher than that of my competitors. That's because of the extra care and extensive research I've done to deliver the best and only correct product. My customers who have bought Rebel Machine stripes from other suppliers are telling you my stripes are the best not, me. Every time I run them, someone calls me who has purchased someone else's stripes, was unhappy with the quality and now they are buying mine. Why pay double? Save yourself time and aggravation and order your stripe kit here. 



My stripe kits are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects.

When 3M made the stripes for American Motors, they guaranteed their stripes for seven years. AMC never told their customers about that because it's impossible to anticipate what normal wear and tear is going to be. As it turned out, most stripe kits were lucky to make it through their first year unscathed. Most showed signs of colour fade after four years. One set made it up until a few years ago - that was the Bruce Smith/Hoover Machine that spent its entire life indoors. 

My kits are much better and on my #3 Machine there was no signs of fading until after 12 years outdoors in all kinds of weather.

NO ONE else has ever weather tested their graphics as extensively and as harshly as I have.

That does not mean I offer a warranty or imply one over any period. I can't predict the future. However I've been making these stripes for over 20 years now and have never heard of a failure. From time to time there are tiny imperfections. That happens because these are man-made items and this isn't a perfect world. However if something major is wrong this is what you do:

You call me at 613-392-8973 and you tell me what is wrong. If there is a defect or damage happened in shipping, I send you a new part. If Customs  damaged the kit, your insurance will cover it. That has happened only once so far. 

But not until you send me a photograph illustrating the damage and mail the stripe section back to me nothing happens. I will also want a shot of your car with the removed stripe section. This is to remove temptation as there are people out there who have tried to claim damage and get a new stripe set for free. I am not Santa Claus but I am fair. 

To remove the stripe section, you simply use a hair dryer, heat it up and use your thumb nail to lift it from the paint. With heat the stripes will peel off fairly easily but it can be tedious. So far the sun is not hot enough on earth to allow anyone to peel your stripes off. That could and likely will in the southern US at least due to Global Warming in the future. That is not something I can control. But I have been warning governments about it since 1970 and no one listened. Not my fault.

If tragedy strikes and you have to remove the stripes, your paint won't come off and the removal process will not damage your paint or leave a shadow unless the car has been sitting in the sun for prolonged periods. That is unlikely because generally, the stripes are installed over new paint. 

If paint does come off your car when you're removing the graphics, you have a paint adhesion problem and your car will need to be sanded down and repainted. That will be the painter's problem.

If you ruin your stripes while putting them on, that is not covered by the warranty. 

My stripe kits come with very detailed installation instructions. No one has ever said they don't work. 

In twenty years I've had one complaint. There was nothing wrong with that customer's kit. He stretched it during installation. Regardless, I agreed to replace it if he removed the kit. He decided not to. But my offer to him still stands. 

All orders are pre-paid without exception.

Orders are shipped right after the money order clears or the money is in the escrow account.

The US postal system does not like issuing Postal Money Orders for transactions like these so they've imposed a $750 limit. That means you'll need two of them for the total amount of your order or more depending on how many stripe kits you buy.

US Customers: only two forms of payment are acceptable unless special arrangements are made and that is by: 



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