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Step 1: Enter Items and Quantities to be Ordered

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You may add up to 20 items to the Sales Order by clicking on 'Add Item' on the price lists.

If you wish to delete an item from the Sales Order, you can either clicko on the Delete button or set the quantity for that item to '0' and then click on the 'Change Quantity' button for that item.

If you wish to increase or decrease the quantity of an item, use the selection list for that item to indicate the quantity required and then click on the 'Change Quantity' button for that item.

s When you have all of the items selected, you are ready to proceed to the Step 2 to fill in your contact information. The 'Go to Step 2: Enter Customer Information is at the bottom of the Sales Order.

Please be sure to review the information carefully in the Sales Order because changes to the Sales Order will be locked out once you proceed to Step 2.

Please note that all prices are in $US.

Sales Tax, Shipping and Customs Duty (where applicable) are NOT shown on this summmary.

If you encounter any problems please contact our Technical Support by emailing

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